World Book Day: A Toast to Beguiling Elusiveness of Books

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” 


Does it ever occur to you what life would have been like without books? Well, certainly it would be a lot less colorful! Every year April 23 brings the ‘World Book Day’ along with it. The day is a reminder of how ‘books are uniquely portable magic.’ You must think, it is because you can carry them around. But really it is because they take you to a different dimension. World Book Day embarks an occasion to celebrate the unending pleasures of reading as well as writing. Unlike any other day, Book Day did not have a universal theme. Pondering why? Here’s your answer. 


Books provoke out-of-the-world thoughts, then why limit the day dedicated to them to just one rumination. In 1995 on the death anniversary of William Shakespeare and prominent Spanish chronicler Inca Garcilaso de la Vega UNESCO started the legacy of celebrating world book day. Now, over 100 countries have joined in to embark on the surrealness of books and their significance in ones’ life.   


It is a day to commemorate all the great authors and their work for giving us an immortal piece of art. Writing and reading are two activities that bind together different individuals, personalities, interests, and experiences. The contentment you get from reading a book cannot be found anywhere else on the face of the earth. So, explore the unexplored with the amulet of words laid down on crispy fresh pages.