Share A Story

At THE ANTS, we believe in the power of storytelling and different perspectives and who is better to tell a story than you, our community! 

So, if you have got a story, an idea, a perspective that you would like to share with THE ANTS community, we would love to hear from you and work together to bring your story to life. 

To get started, please make yourself a bit more familiar with THE ANTS 👇 

Broad themes for THE ANTS stories

Local Culture: Think covering local places to visit, local food, local music and arts, local people’s stories, and other local things of interest. 

Sustainability: Think around themes like saving the planet, the environment, and climate change.

Equality & empowerment: Think around issues like women empowerment, LGBT rights, poverty, education, economic empowerment of poor people, access to healthcare.

General wellbeing: Think around health issues like mental health and wellbeing, depression, happiness, and joy, taking breaks, and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Entertainment:  Think what can be funny, joyful, and well, entertaining. 

Inspiration: Think stories of people doing good, heroic stories, and success stories that inspire others as well to do good and do well in life, career, and everything in between.

Sample ideas for THE ANTS stories

  • 7 Tiny Changes You Can Make To Your Lifestyle For Curing Climate Change
  • Meet These Indian Women Who Broke All Barriers And Redefined What Women Can Do
  • 5 Habits That Help Me Stay Mentally Strong & Live Life Well
  • How Planting Just One Tree Helps Stop Global Warming?
  • What Are Common Habits of Happiest People & How You Can Copy Those

THE ANTS story guidelines

Keep it simple:

  • Story length: 1200 words.
  • 100% original. 0% theory. 
  • Story with a flair!
  • Well-crafted. Well structured. 
  • Original images to bring your story to life.

How to submit your story to THE ANTS?

Just fill this form 👉 [Form] Share A Story – THE ANTS